Up and Running: Environmental Performance Now and What’s Been Learned

Up and Running:  Environmental Performance Now and What’s Been Learned

Wednesday, November 29th

$250 for Clean Energy BC Members / $325 for Non Members.


This one-day workshop will follow Generate 2017 and focus on environmental elements during the operations phase of clean energy projects.  The workshop will explore and share pragmatic and proven approaches to successfully manage environmental risks, meet compliance targets embedded in permits and approvals, and address other social/stakeholder commitments, for operating projects.

The workshop will focus on how leaders in the industry have ‘operationalized’ project’s commitments made during the permitting phase.  Much has been learned in recent years as the clean energy industry in BC has transitioned from permitting, design and construction of these facilities towards a focus on operating efficiency and permit compliance. A key outcome of the day will be shared experiences and discussion on specific technical elements of interest to proponents, consultants and regulatory agencies. Industry leaders will speak on topics including: operational monitoring results (wind and hydro), specifics of key environmental values and opportunities to advance monitoring techniques, instream measurements and compliance management, tips for site vegetation management, and recent technical developments that have advanced the understanding of environmental effects of clean energy projects in general.

This event will yield both formal and informal dialogue, and networking opportunities with professionals working in this arena.  Much has been learned and many professionals working in this area have advanced the understanding of the effects of renewable energy projects on the surrounding environment much beyond what is available in the global scientific literature. The workshop will be of interest to science and management practitioners working in the clean energy sector; consultants, regulators, developers, and academics.

November 29th 2017  – Short Course Schedule   (subject to revision)

8:00 AM

Meet & Greet – Coffee

9:00 AM Start

Welcome & Opening: A retrospective review

Session 1

Environmental Compliance – how best to meet permit requirements 

Session 2

Environmental Monitoring – What have we learned


Session 3

Environmental Monitoring – Future direction & opportunities

Session 4

Environmental Management – Succeeding with revegetation and vegetation maintenance

4:00 PM

Closure – Looking forward