Martin Mullany

Director and CEO, Bridge Power

Martin Mullany

Director and CEO, Bridge Power


Founding director of Brooks Macdonald, a London Stock Exchange listed fund management company with a market cap of @$500 million.

Left the UK in 2000 to live in Mauritius. Director of a multi family office company and many private holding companies.

Came to Canada in 2006. Became involved in renewable energy in 2008 as an investor and strategic adviser to a private renewable energy company.

Bridge Power was formed in 2013 and I am a director and CEO of the company. Bridge Power has interests in BC that include five major wind farm projects that are partnered with Invenergy, a large company out of Chicago. One of these projects is next to the PNW project and four are in the Peace Region, plus Bridge Power has a number of other projects around the Province including a wind farm project in the SOP queue and another project waiting an allocation year for the SOP.

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