Coro Strandberg

Coro Strandberg


President of Strandberg Consulting, is an influential sustainability strategist and thought leader. Coro is a Canadian trailblazer and visionary in marketplace innovation to advance social, environmental and financial progress and has contributed to the evolving field of CSR and sustainability for more than 25 years. She works with businesses, governments and industry associations to create strategies and pursue business models to address social and environmental risks and opportunities that propel society towards a sustainable future.

Coro has a tri-sector background in business, government and non-profit leadership working in social, environmental and financial roles. She has 20 years of experience as a Corporate Director and six years of industry association experience. Coro was a director of Vancity Credit Union – three as Board Chairperson – where during the 1990s she helped position the credit union as an international leader in corporate social responsibility and values based banking.

Coro specializes in helping organizations become leaders in transformational sustainability. This includes advising on sustainability leadership and innovation strategies, social purpose business models and sustainability governance, management, implementation and integration. She works with industry associations to help their members and sector become more sustainable. Coro supports governments to harness the power of business to advance sustainability solutions. She is an expert in integrating sustainability in finance, human resources, risk management and procurement and developing social and inclusive sustainability strategies.

She regularly publishes blogs, articles, research, tools and guides on sustainability and corporate social responsibility leadership on her website at

Coro was named the top CSR consultant by the 2015 Clean50 for her leadership and impact in sustainability consulting in Canada. Further, Coro’s green home was awarded LEED Gold status and received a Burnaby Environmental Award.

Coro works with organizations that aspire to accelerate, lead and transform to a sustainable world.

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